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Love (Gaspar Noé, 2015)

This review is from Love’s world premiere at the 68th Festival de Cannes Gaspar Noé bounded down the red carpet last night like a child; filled with excitement to deliver his ‘3D sex epic’ as it has been labelled, to its first audience. There was rapturous applause at the credits; standing ovations, tears and a yell of “Ça c’est le cinema putain! (This isn’t whoreish cinema)”. To be fair to the bold lady in hysterics, she’s right. Love may be visceral and enjoy a slight dash of serious smut, but the film isn’t as provocative as everyone had initially thought. Love isn’t crafted entirely from sex; it has an underlying dramatic relationship study that Noé has blatantly put second.

Love battles culture in the wrought up, kaleidoscopic ‘Catch Me Daddy’

You may have heard of Daniel Wolfe. He’s the man behind the music video for Paolo Nutini’s Iron Sky; the short film that left audiences teary eyed and with mouths agape – and that’s just one of a few. He’s a man so finely in tune with Britain’s ever altering social circumstance that it’s almost eery and uncomfortable. It all feels incredibly relevant when watching his wrought up and rampant feature debut, the film festival runaway hit, ‘Catch Me Daddy’. In the dead of night, Laila and her drifter boyfriend Aaron talk, aware of the brutal consequences that could come from their runaway relationship. Laila’s Pakistani roots and stringent father forbid her from being involved with someone out with her own culture. Sensing serious danger, the lovers go on the run across the Yorkshire Moors, escaping the family and bounty hunters that are sent to capture and kill them. A sprawling tale of a girl’s entanglement between culture and love, Catch Me Daddy takes us intimidatingly close to the situation at hand, effortlessly siding with Laila from the beginning. A wide eyed young …