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Changing fashion boundaries with Rick Owens’ strapped up women

Ever-provocative designer Rick Owens broke new ground this week as he introduced his S/S16 womenswear collection in Paris, delivering a show to outdo last year’s unabashed, full-frontal Menswear runway (who could forget #DickOwens?). Fashion critics feasted on the enigmatic presentation of the models, strapped together and carrying one another down the runway with the use of belts and strap like fittings. But rather than a seeming ode to fetishism and bondagewear, Owen’s aim displayed the significance of strength and the support of our women. Not every model had the burden of another hanging lady. Garments spoke for themselves, exposing the designer’s still resonant power. Neutral yet striking, simple though enigmatic. While many will look upon the show with a conservative scorn for the ‘desperately’ unconventional stereotype that can often be linked with high fashion, there’s no denying Owens’ bravery and genius. This is a solemn, intelligent ode to our fellow human beings and the hope we give one another.