Author: Douglas James Greenwood

Sam Gellaitry, shot by Mihaela Bodlovic at The Biscuit Factory

bonfire boy: sam gellaitry & the art of ‘escapism’

IT WAS GUY FAWKES NIGHT, and for the past four days, overexcited groups of teenage rebels had been setting off supermarket bought rockets into the evening sky. By the time November 5th had come around, things had begun to mellow out. Rain had started to fall and the clouds had covered any sort of spectacle the city had planned. It was in the midst of rush hour, on this very evening, that Sam Gellaitry peeled himself apart from the crowds of businesspeople who were swarming the train station, all heading in the opposite direction. His explosive flash of red hair and admirably casual demeanour set him apart from them all. In early Spring of this year, Sam had just turned 18 years old. His debut EP Short Stories soon followed, obliterating the pathway of expectations this young producer had set for himself. It managed to grab the guy some serious critical acclaim too, as well a legion of fans who now follow every single one of his musical moves. Nine months on, and those same …